I’m definitely not the world’s best Christian.

It honestly kind of sucked, and I felt a lot like a spiritual failure.

Let’s talk about covenants.

Basically, two groups agree to do some stuff for each other to help both sides out. ‘I scratch your back, you scratch mine’ kind of stuff. God makes a lot of them throughout the Bible.

He promised to make Abraham the sole father of literally billions of descendants. Abraham just had to worship God and have faith in His plans.

Years passed, and Abraham still didn’t have a child at 90. It’s hard to have descendants without kids. He was told by God to wait and have faith for a child with his wife, but that same wife soon talked Abraham into sleeping with a servant girl so that he would at least have an heir.

God held up His end of the bargain.

I’ve started teaching at a church recently.

Some of the people there will have only my teaching to nurture their spiritual growth for the whole week. No pressure, right?

“I preached way better than I prepared.”

I should have spent at least an extra hour practicing for the talk. Despite that, it went far better than I could have expected. I can only explain that with the fact that the Holy Spirit had my back.

I did not do well in that fast,

yet in it’s last week, I got a girlfriend. I got asked to apply for a program that trains church planters. I gave a VIP tour at my University. I had a random guy who came on a tour offer to fly me to the Hampton's with him over the summer.

That being said, a relationship with God is not a one way street to personal success.

I wasn’t doing the fast so that I would get a girlfriend or go to the Hampton's. Even if I was, I wouldn’t have deserved that stuff by the end of it. I also certainly didn’t earn my way to a successful talk at church this past Sunday.

I think God gave me the success He did in the talk and after the fast as a means to say,

“I love you even when you screw up.”

I don’t know if it’s ever possible for someone to live perfectly on this earth. At the least, I know I don’t, and yet I’m learning that God’s love and grace serves to bridge the gap.



Writer. Teacher. Pastor. Interpreter of strange times, and aspiring polymath.

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Lorne Jaques

Writer. Teacher. Pastor. Interpreter of strange times, and aspiring polymath.